Statement of Purpose

This corporation is incorporated under the Nonprofit Corporation Law of 1988 in the state and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for purpose/s of::

1. Educational, and cultural reasons, for purposes of Art, producing art, progressive artistic development in the arts, humanities, and sciences, related in common interest, thru personal affinity, study, work, learning, teaching, discussion, presentation, display, publication, and dissemination of art encompassing all forms of art, expression, and mediums. (Whatever that means?? We define Living art defined by producing "art" in our living. living in our production of art.)

2. For individual and group artistic development within frameworks of popular form, expression, substance, collaboration, for non-dogmatic living organic artistic perspectives, praxis, aesthetics, philosophy, technology, based on well grounded foundations that are relevant and pertinent to modem, and traditional values in light of the need.