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First we would like to thank the many people who took the time to send us their poetry  manuscripts, and to express our regrets, that though man of those works showed promise and extremely a great deal of candor, as a small not for profit organization we have little time to school and nurture everyone as we would wish.

Originally we:

Wanted legal rights to publish original poetry work from original author in 5.5"x8.5" format,

40-64 pages (equals approx 20-32 letter size format single spaced). Must be in finished manuscript form submitted with personal particulars and brief resume (1 page). Contractual obligations are involved parties must have legal rights to original work.

Many of those works were in need of a lot of editing and in consideration of the artists involved we decided to to become further involved.

It has been our view that BLOGS ARE BLOGS, PUBLISHING IS PUBLISHING and that the two are quite different where often besieged by the costs of traditional printing and print on demand (POD) publishers poetry has become even more unprofitable to publish.

On one hand using traditional printers would require large quantities of works in order to make a poetry publishing project feasible and the high costs of print on demand books make them uncompetitive. Lastly if neither are utilized the poet as Walter Whitman and Allen Ginsberg stated, having to give away for free recitations just to become known to garner a ready audience and forsake profits to get into print.

We had hoped that what we were to do was to create a "long term" opportunity for the publishing of "multiple books" we asked for "whole manuscript[s ]" and perhaps we could have tried to have been clearer but we didn't.

Following the "business model founded" of "Moses Asch and Marian Distler in 1948" perhaps we over estimated society's need as there are today many avenues for poets though albeit not always worthy as so maybe we became anachronistic in our concept that artists could escape being "pawn[s] of the Fortune 400" slash big corporate world. In that we then and forsake for the moment of doing so through "Long Term Catalog Sales" as we did.

As of the present we have through our website services a number of slots for Ad free Word Press blog installations that if any one would be interested they could inquire and find us amicable as they are part of our excess capacity. the Word Press I am using is fully configurable with standard plugins using the web address http://www.zito.biz/fuckyou

Good luck
Best wishes
Yours Truly

Andrew Stergiou, Executive Director
Universal Living Arts Inc. Telephone (412) 573-9132






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